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May 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
on television you would see stokely carmichael and you would see brown and the body and newton and the news described them as the black militants had of course stokely talked about a black power. i want to back up and talk about power because all of my lessons in black history i don't want you to think it was over the dinner table with books spread out. he was a working man and he was a good man and he was with a call in those days a race man so a lot of the lessons would be as simple as we would be watching television the old black-and-white tv come and a tarzan movie would come on the. the mother with a sweeping across the screen during the tarzan yell and she would speak his language and the lines would go [cheering] the alliance would go. the monkeys would go here and he would be looking at that and after about five minutes he would go like what the hell is that. [laughter] tell me how little cracker beebee can fall out of an airplane, boy change the channel. [laughter] it was living history. then i was switching and i remember the first time seen in young harry reasoner and he was givi
May 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. first the safety act, which sponsored with senator sherrod brown, will bring minimum safety standards to the inner city buses. it doesn't deal with the intercity buses or transit systems but the buses that go across the state lines particularly those that are hired by the groups, church groups, elder briggs have had a notoriously bad record and this cannot continue. our bill is pretty modest and requires seat belts to be in the buses offered for higher. i would think that would be a minimum seat belt. it makes it more difficult for bus companies that have terrible safety violations to then reincarnate themselves to use the exact same equipment under a different name which has been the case with some of these horrendous accidents that have killed people in these buses. i think that is a very good bill that has strong support in the senate and we can work with the house to include it. the commerce title also reauthorize is ntsa for two years and gives it the tools necessary to protect and save vehicles and equipment from entering our country while protecting the supply chain from unnece
Apr 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to the brown palace. >> yeah, yeah. >> ann, annie, right here. sam and jan. we want to get a picture. there she is. >> look at that darling. i am here because of you. >> oh, i know it. >> right here, please. >> you wanted to raise my taxes. you didn't have to do that. >> he wanted to raise the taxes and i told him to raise revenue in this country. >> we know what you make. >> a long history. >> the author and his wife. don and becky and they have been six years on this baby. >> i'm surprised they finished it in such a quick time with the way you are, you old coot. >> go ahead and tell c-span whatever you like. [laughter] >> these are pals of mine. how are you? your book will get special attention. >> we have already bought it, but i told them that i wanted you to write something in it. >> i have all stacked up the ones i want to sit down and really deal with. i will see you tomorrow. we are doing five different things. we ought to have a pile of books to receive my personal attention and i can do it tomorrow some time. stack them all up. betty j. gerber. george t. beckett. we are going to fix i
May 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
totr color-coded povert. about poverty with ink black, we think brown, that's what we mean by color coded it is all races, all colors, all creeds falling faster and poverty now than ever before. specifically women and children. we talk in this book about bill clinton, who i like and respect and she's a friend. i think she's still a friend. i said this a few times over the past couple weeks, maybe not the reality is nobody else in our society in part because the welfare reform bill 15 years ago peter edelman has a book of right now called so richard commesso poor we are not the only ones in caring for put people in this country we are not the only ones talking about before he ever got in the race talking about this particular issue and he famously predicted 15 years ago that this was going we were going to be reaping some dire consequences if bill clinton passed this law. he famously resigned his high post in the clinton administration in protest over this issue. fast-forward 15 years and i have news for you peter was right and that's why we see women and children falling faster than
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4